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The breadth and quality of our visiting media continues to boost Queenstown’s destinational profile in a range of target markets worldwide.

Browse some of our recent media coverage below.

NZ Wedding Magazine

By Libby Baron on 18 September 2013
New Zealand Wedding Magazine, one of New Zealand's leading wedding publications came to Queenstown for an Autumn fashion shoot. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year in the region, the landscape is on fire with bursts of red, orange and gold.

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Destination Queenstown

Yao Chen marries in Queenstown

By Libby Baron on 7 May 2013
Yao Chen has now become the world’s most followed person on social media. Dubbed China’s ‘micro blogging Queen’, she has 34 million followers on Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent)... and she got married in Queenstown.

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Serato Icon series - Z-Trip

By Libby Baron on 7 May 2013
The Icon Artist Series is a diverse, hand-picked collection of artists who represent and epitomise the Serato ethos. Serato picked Z-Trip to be an Icon, and for Queenstown to feature in his Icon video.

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New Zealand Mountain Biker Magazine Jun/Jul 2012 issue

By Libby Baron on 26 October 2012
New Zealand Mountain Biker is New Zealand’s leading dedicated mountain biking magazine and captures all aspects of mountain biking from a Kiwi perspective.

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Treadlie Issue 4 September 2011

By Gizelle Regan on 22 September 2011
Treadlie magazine is for bicycle lovers and devoted to bike culture, fashion and design.

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Getaway Australia August 2011

By Gizelle Regan on 19 September 2011
Australia's favourite travel show visits in Autumn.

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Vogue Australia July 2011

By Gizelle Regan on 14 June 2011
Queenstown is the location of choice for the 16 page 'Twin Peaks' fashion shoot in the July 2011 issue of Vogue Australia.

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Urbis Magazine Issue 62

By Gizelle Regan on 6 June 2011
'Style City Queenstown' was a feature article in 'Urbis' Magazine Issue 62 that profiled six leading creative personalities from around the region.

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Biggest Loser USA Episodes April 2011

By Gizelle Regan on 4 June 2011
Two episodes of the top-rating show 'The Biggest Loser' were filmed under wraps in New Zealand in February featuring the remaining eight contestants battling it out in Queenstown.

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Get Up & Go Magazine Autumn 2011

By Gizelle Regan on 2 June 2011
The article from the autumn 2011 issue of 'Get up and Go' titled 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' talks about why Queenstown is such a great winter destination.

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Australian Gourmet Traveller Nov 2010

By Gizelle Regan on 30 May 2011
A travel piece in the November 2010 issue of 'Australian Gourmet Traveller' titled 'Mountain High' followed Rob Ingram as he discovered the culinary charms of the luxurious Matakauri Lodge in Queenstown.

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