Destination Queenstown Research and Market Development Plans

DQ carries out regular research for each of our key segments or passion points to ensure our content and activity is relevant for the audience. DQ is also working through creating holistic market development plans for each of our key segments.

Destination Queenstown Passion Point Segment Research 

DQ follows a targeted market segment approach based on key drivers with the aim of attracting visitors who best benefit our destination and our host community. The leisure market has ten segments and the business/groups market has three. These resources are being developed over FY22-23 and will be refreshed annually.

Leisure: Ski enthusiast, winter lover, trail shredder, biking explorers, golf buddies, outdoor explorers, adrenaline seekers, luxury indulgers, family adventures, and food and drink lovers.

Events: business events (conference, incentives), weddings 

Market Development Plans

We have been creating market development plans (MDPs) to support, promote, and maximise key segments. This segment-led approach dovetails with the district's Destination Management Plan, Regenerative Tourism by 2030. As these MDPs are an ongoing piece of work, we will add to the list below as each one is finalised.

The data sets, insights, and related resources have been created for use by Destination Queenstown and its membership base only. They are not for publication or dissemination without consulting Destination Queenstown prior.