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The Hub provides insights, data, and information about the tourism economy in Queenstown. This information is organised based on Tourism Industry Aotearoa’s four pillars:

  • visitor
  • resident (encompassing social and cultural)
  • environment
  • economy

Using the hub

The Hub utilises a combination of links to PDFs and features Microsoft PowerBI interactive reports embedded in the webpages. PowerBI is an easy-to-use tool that works very similarly to all other Microsoft programmes - if you can use Excel, you can navigate PowerBI. 

For helpful resources please see: 

Member Data & Insight Hub "how-to" Guide

Data & Insights Hub Data Source Guide

For an introduction to the Hub, watch this short recording below: 

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, or would like to arrange Hub access for other staff members within your organisation, please contact Eilidh Blanchard

Please note: The data sets, insights, and related resources have been created for use by Destination Queenstown and its membership base only. They are not for publication or dissemination without consulting Destination Queenstown prior.