Queenstown attracts a variety of visitors. To understand more about them, DQ works with a wide range of dataset providers and research agencies to produce visitor insights.

Below you will find datasets and insights on the Queenstown tourism industry presented in interactive reports. These reports have been split out into visitation, expenditure, perception, experience and sentiment, and accommodation. 

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Explore data and insights related to the physical numbers of visitors to the Queenstown region.


Explore visitor expenditure data and insights for those in Queenstown related to the visitor economy. 

Experience and Sentiment

Explore data and insights related to visitors' experience and sentiment towards Queenstown as a tourist destination.

Accommodation Results

Explore data and insights related to accommodation results in the Queenstown region.


The data sets, insights, and related resources have been created for use by Destination Queenstown and its membership base only. They are not for publication or dissemination without consulting Destination Queenstown prior.