New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 2, excluding Auckland & Waikato which is at Level 3. Quarantine-free travel is paused between Australia and New Zealand, and international borders remain closed.

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90 Day Forward Outlook Chart

Destination Queenstown has developed a 90 day forward outlook chart indicating the current levels of accommodation occupancy in Queenstown. 

Last update was published 22 October. The next update will be made 29 October.

Visitor Demand Mapping (short term 90 day forward outlook and long term scenarios) 

Destination Queenstown have combined the short term 90 Day Forward Outlook Chart with the long-term Visitor Demand Mapping report to create a common resource that will be published monthly. 

Last update was published 28 May 2021. 

Visitor Demand Mapping Report 

Destination Queenstown have created a Visitor Demand Mapping report, first published on 14 May 2020. The paper covers a range of scenarios on when visitor demand is likely to start, set and scale for the Queenstown Lakes District over the next four years. It aims to identify timelines for optimistic and conservative scenarios regarding the return of demand for tourism products within the Queenstown Lakes District. The updates cover recent developments that impact visitation to Queenstown in New Zealand and in off-shore markets in the longer term.

On the 28 January this report was consolidated into the Visitor Demand Mapping resource which covers short term and long term visitation. 


SKAL Visitor Mapping Presentation Slides.

Presentation given September 9, 2020.