New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 2, excluding Auckland & Waikato which is at Level 3. Quarantine-free travel is paused between Australia and New Zealand, and international borders remain closed.

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This is where you will find key Queenstown and New Zealand statistics, insights, market intelligence and trends. Key snapshots are highlighted below along with links to the official data sets.


Destination Queenstown Quarterly Insights Dashboard

Destination Queenstown is pleased to introduce the quarterly insights dashboard.
Each quarter we will present topline data on key visitor metrics gathered from both official and DQ-commissioned datasets.

Q4 April-May-June 2021

Q3 January- February-March 2021

Q2 October-November-December 2020

Q1 July-August-September 2020

Destination Queenstown Annual Infographic Resource 

Destination Queenstown's Annual Infographic Resource is a snapshot of the Queenstown Region’s Tourism Visitation, Expenditure, and Visitor Experience metrics. 

Annual Infographic Resource Year End June 2021

Accommodation Data Programme

The Commercial Accommodation Monitor is no longer produced by Stats NZ. The last results published were for the September 2019 month. For more information see Accommodation survey: September 2019.

The Accommodation Data Programme (ADP) is a new research programme launched as the replacement for the Commercial Accommodation Monitor. The ADP collects a small amount of data from accommodation providers each month, collates it, and then publishes reports that can be used to benchmark performance and monitor the industry.

The ADP is funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and managed by NZ tourism data experts Fresh Info.

If you are an accommodation provider who is not yet signed up to the service, please do so here

Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates - Disestablished October 2020

Produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) gathers expenditure data to provide an estimate of tourism expenditure from international and domestic travellers in each of the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) areas.

Note that the MRTE's were disestablished in October 2020 due to issues that have arisen from COVID-19 within the methodology. 

To access the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates, please click the link below.

Tourism Electronic Card Transaction Spend (TECTs)

The TECTs are an interim replacement to Monthly Regional tourism Estimates (MRTEs) that provide insights into monthly tourism spend.

The TECTs aim to present the measured electronic card transactions (ECT) attributable to tourism but without any attempt to represent the total spend. This method is considered to be the best way to provide spend data to the industry while travel is severely affected by COVID-19 border restrictions. 

International Visitor Survey 

The International Visitor Survey (IVS) is produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) measuring travel patterns and estimated expenditure of international visitors to New Zealand. This is an on the ground visitor survey that extrapolates sample results to provide an indication on expenditure, places visited, activities/attractions, accommodation and transport.

The IVS has been unable to be run at international airports since the border closures near the end of March 2020. This reduced the size of the March 2020 quarter's sample, and led to no survey data being collected since then.

For the full International Visitor Survey datasets, please click the link below.

Queenstown Airport Statistics

Queenstown Airport produces monthly and annual statistics on passenger movements and aircraft landings on domestic and international routes. Reports also include history and trends.

To access the Queenstown Airport Stats, please click the link below.

Queenstown Visitor Insights Programme

The Visitor Insights Programme (VIP) is DQ’s own research initiative. The results of this ongoing on the ground visitor survey are published quarterly. Information covered includes reason to visit, visitor expectation, booking lead times, length of stay, activities/attractions and satisfaction. The report is divided in domestic, Australian and other international markets.

To download the latest VIP reports, click on the links below:

2021 Reports 

Visitor Experience Report - Q2 2021

Visitor Experience Report - Q1 2021

2020 Reports 

Visitor Experience Report - Q3 2020

Visitor Experience Report - Q4 2020

2018 Reports

Visitor Experience Report - Q2 2018

Visitor Experience Report - Q1 2018

2017 Reports

Visitor Experience Report - Q4 2017

Visitor Experience Report - Q3 2017

Tourism New Zealand Data & Insights Site 

Tourism New Zealand works with innovative partners to produce tourism data, insights, and consumer research to help New Zealand businesses market effectively to domestic and international visitors. They have gathered their key data sets that they utilise as well as key consumer and industry insights into one easy-to-use site. 

To access the Tourism New Zealand Data & Insights Site please click the link below.

MBIE Tourism Evidence & Insights Centre 

In the Tourism Evidence & Insights Centre (TEIC) you'll find insights, data and information about tourism in New Zealand. These resources are for anyone wanting to know more about what's happening in the tourism sector. There are reports, an interactive dashboard and articles addressing common questions. Note that this resource is still under development and some datasets are currently missing. 

To access the Tourism Evidence & Insights Centre (TEIC) please click the link below.