There is an official boil water notice for some areas of Queenstown. For specific locations and up to date advice check the QLDC website below.

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New Zealand is a special place, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand while travelling.

In Queenstown, that includes looking after our mountains, lakes and rivers, driving with care and to the conditions, and respecting everyone you meet, visitor or local.

Tiaki is for all travellers to embrace, both domestic and international, when they embark on a visit to Queenstown.

The national agencies that developed Tiaki have worked to make sure visitors on their way to New Zealand start to hear about Tiaki before they arrive, with Air New Zealand showing the Tiaki video to passengers on some international flights.

Locally, Queenstown Airport shows Tiaki messaging throughout the terminal, expanding the coverage of the campaign in our region.

We strongly encourage Destination Queenstown members to incorporate the Tiaki Promise into their business and service to guests, to ensure that visitors receive consistent information and embrace it for themselves on their journey around our beautiful place.

To start with, having the Tiaki assets printed for use in your shopfront will ensure that Tiaki is visible to visitors and locals alike.

Then you can consider other ways to use Tiaki messages in your operation, whether it's during your safety briefing, greeting customers, when they're signing health and safety documents, and gently reminding customers of the expectations of Tiaki when they leave your care.

You can also show your support for Tiaki – Care for New Zealand in the digital world by using the #tiakipromise hashtag, and encouraging your customers to declare their support too.

Tiaki Promise collateral

A range of Tiaki Promise materials are available free of charge in Tourism New Zealand's Visual Library. The resources are currently available in English, Te Reo Māori, German and Chinese, and will be available in more languages soon. 

There will be development of Tiaki assets as the campaign is further embedded into the New Zealand tourism industry. If you have any ideas or needs you can contact the DQ team to discuss further.

More information

For more information about the Tiaki Promise, visit the official website.

If you want to read more about visitor behaviour and the environment, Tiaki partners completed this research to inform decisions around developing Tiaki.

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