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Meet professional development’s rockstar half-sibling. Half professional development, half team building, half essential life skills, half riotous night out to remember. Yes, that’s four halves. We’re speakers, not mathematicians.

Treat yourself, your mum, your mate or your whole team to drinks, dinner, three speakers and an overachieving emcee who’ll rip your heart open, dance on it, and put it back together a different shape. Expect laughter, tears, and language to make a sailor blush.

Truthfully, the whole idea of getting your shit sorted… Well, there’s no such thing. So much is beyond our control. But, for our third season running, we can share some tools that can make the ride a bit less WTF. So, this is an evening of professional development, team building, and entertainment while we talk about ways to be okay when the world isn't helping you.

Event Date

17 May 2024

4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Te Atamira Building 11

Physical Address

Dart House

Remarkables Park Town Centre


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  • Min Age: 18