Milford Galleries Queenstown Andy Leleisi'uao: A Clouded Diaspora (2018)

Andy Leleisi'uao's latest paintings extend his hauntingly enigmatic, hieroglyphically inspired series. The artist has created a language where strands of pre-European Pacific and Bronze Age Mediterranean art mingle and intertwine, producing friezes in which silhouetted figures engage in communal activities. Using a minimal palette dominated by black and white, the works fall into a strange hinterland between Lascaux and "Peanuts", tapa and Etruscan pottery. The current paintings build on his earlier images to flesh out his world and to use it to pose questions of our own existence.

The works have narrative plots, without any easy translation. But, as in ancient hieroglyphs, there are enough clues to cue the viewer in to the hermetic mysteries within. Coherent activities are taking place, with the works controlled by their own internal logic; the images feel familiar but alien. While facets of the work clearly have esoteric questions, there are also clear points about how individuals reflect society and how society affects individuals.

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  • 28 Jul - 29 Aug 2018

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