Bruce Hunt: Stormfront (2018)

Milford Galleries Queenstown Bruce Hunt: Stormfront (2018)

Bruce Hunt is a master at the art of placing his viewer in the landscape. When you look at a Hunt painting, you never feel that you are observing a scene at one remove, via the eye of the painter — you feel that you are there in person.

Hunt's images caress the land. They present an accurate portrait of the hills and valleys of Otago's high country, yet simultaneously are imbued with an emotional content which comes close to spirituality. Hunt knows the land well, tramping into the wilds to create the initial sketches upon which his images are based, before the long process of creating the finished painting with multiple layers of thin paint washes. The resulting works show a land which is both geographically and geologically precise — the artist studied geology at Victoria University — and is coated with a lambent glow of shifting light.


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  • 17 Mar - 11 Apr 2018

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