Milford Galleries Queenstown Hannah Kidd: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (2018)

Hannah Kidd's remarkable metalworks have recently progressed in a direction which is startlingly new yet at the same time is a natural progression from her previous work.

A visit to an articulator - a preservator and curator of skeletons for display - provided the impetus to explore the artist's long-held fascination for vintage museum displays and cabinets of curiosity. This work forms the backbone of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, an exhibition in which the work has literally been stripped back to its bare bones.

The internal structures which have been ever-present beneath the surfaces of Kidd's work now take centre stage, albeit in the more natural form of the skeleton. We are therefore presented not only with fascinating work but also a metaphor for the artist's practice.


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  • 29 Sep - 24 Oct 2018

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