Maori welcome

Mihiwhakatau is a customary welcome speech and traditional performance, performed in the Māori language, by local Māori.

Why is it important for visitors

When you visit any place in New Zealand you are entering the sacred places of the original Native Māori inhabitants. The Māori people have a strong connection to the land, which they hold very sacred. They believe the future is the past so the past is the future and therefore their ancestors continue to live in the land and the mountains. When visitors arrive, a mihiwhakatau gives you a blessing, so that you are connected to, and welcomed by their ancestors and the land they reside in. You are therefore offered protection and safety, to make you feel welcome during your stay.

Are you expected to participate?

No, you are honoured guests. It is important that you offer respect and silence, whilst the performers are performing the blessing

What does the presentation entail?

Mihiwhakatau - Māori welcome Speech in the Māori language, performed by local Māori

Waiata (Māori song)

Wahine Poi (Māori string with ball performance, female performers backed up by male performers)

Haka (Māori action performance)

Haere rā (end of performance and goodbye, then introduction of guest speaker or head dignitary)

Estimated time of performance is 10 to 15 minutes

Performers come dressed in traditional Māori costume

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Contact Us

Physical Address

Queenstown 9300


$0 – $1,950NZD

Price Information

We charge based on 5 performers.
Any longer or bigger requirements by negotiation

Opening Hours

24 hours, 7 days a week

Months of Operation

  • Jan - Dec

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