Peter James Smith: Fugitive Light (2018)

Milford Galleries Queenstown Peter James Smith: Fugitive Light (2018)

Peter James Smith's works are a harmonious dichotomy, a symbiosis of science and art, of the physical and the spiritual, and of the present and the past. In his images, we are faced with cinematic panoramas, lovingly and beautifully presented, upon which are superimposed ship's log entries, geometric and astronomical equations, and notebook jottings. The focus of the viewer moves from image to writing, from the flowering of nature to its mathematical underpinnings, and back again.

Smith's work takes us back to the age of colonial exploration and discovery, and also to a similar period in art history, when the wonders of nature were being opened up as an amalgam of the intellectual and mystical by romantic artists such as Caspar David Friedrich. We are aware of the ordered logic of creation, yet that does not mean we cannot also be in awe of the sublime within nature.

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  • 1-26 September 2018

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