Paradise Pictures' photographer Laurence Belcher offers guidance to a photo tour client.
Take the option of a scenic flight with Heli Glenorchy during our photo tours and Paradise Pictures will give you a very different view of the head of the lake.
The Rees River is just one of the locations we visit on our Paradise Pictures Photagraphy Tour.
Lots of breathtaking locations to photograph during our photo tours with Paradise Pictures.
Paradise Pictures works in with Heli Gleorchy in order to offer our photo tour clients the chance of a scenic flight for a differnt view of the head of the lake.
Summer or winter, there are great iamges to capture during Paradise Pictures photo tours.
Breathtaking scenery all around during a photograpy tour with Paradise Pictures.  This is looking accross to Glenorchy.
You can join our Paradise Pictures photo tours as an 'accompanying non photographer', yu will gain just as much by simply 'experiencing paradise'.
Steve has obviously enjoyrd his scenic flight with Heli Glenorchy.  A trip we offer as an addition to our Paradise Pictures photography tours.

Paradise Pictures Photographic Tours

Paradise Pictures provides the photographer with personalised and guided Photo Tours tailor-made to suit the individual.

Giving visitors to Queenstown, Glenorchy and Kinloch the chance of capturing stunning images of New Zealand's breathtaking scenery during their photographic tour to the Head of the Lake, whilst under the total guidance of a Paradise Pictures professional.

This tailor-made photography tour is for all levels. Your own personal guide, long time and local photographer Laurence Belcher, will advise you on composition and photographic techniques whilst you visit one of the most beautiful and photogenic places in the world.

Accompanying non-photographers are also encouraged to join in our Paradise Pictures photo tour adventure, even if they don't own a camera they'll gain by simply 'experiencing paradise'.

'One on One' Tuition: $425

2 Photographers: $359 per person

3 Photographers: $299 per person

Accompanying non-photographers: $275

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Contact Us

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$275 – $425NZD

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 8:30AM – 6:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM – 6:30PM
Sunday 8:30AM – 6:30PM

Months of Operation

  • Jan - Dec


  • Clients are collected from their Glenorchy, Kinloch or Central Queenstown accommodation.


  • Whilst we run our Photo Tours with between 1 and 3 people, we can take larger groups by arrangement. We would still keep our guide to a client ratio at 1 to 4.

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