Susanne Kerr: Call to a Home I Never Had (2018)

Milford Galleries Queenstown Susanne Kerr: Call to a Home I Never Had (2018)

Susanne Kerr's remarkable paintings depict an allegorical world which is connected to our own much the way that a shadow is connected to the object which casts it.

In strong, narrative images, the artist explores "the collective and individual journeys taken and the cultural legacies humans assimilate or transfer to others when they conquer, colonize, seek refuge, travel as missionaries, take pilgrimages, or travel for pleasure."[1] If our world maintains a veneer of civilised decency, despite the many environmental and political weights placed upon it, Kerr's images strip away much of that thin surface to reveal the mix of beauty and the Kafkaesque within our global subconscious. We become aware of the fragility of nature and society, and that modern technology is simultaneously linking us all into one planet wide family but also stripping us of the glorious diversity we should be striving to maintain.

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  • 24 Nov - 19 Dec 2018

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