Queenstown maps & guides

Getting around Queenstown and its surrounding areas is easy with these handy maps.

The interactive map below allows you to pan around Queenstown and get a feel for the region before you even arrive. If you’re travelling to Queenstown by road you’ll find driving directions from your current location to your destination that you can print out. There are also local walking, golfing, wine and biking maps which can be downloaded and printed to help you plan your Queenstown adventure.

Browse the maps below to help with your holiday planning.

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Information Guides

Official Visitor Information Guide

Take a look at suggested itineraries, seasonal information and events, along with tips to explore the hidden gems located in our region.

Walking Trails Map

Explore the numerous short and long walking trails with this handy map. You can also browse our Walking & Hiking in Queenstown section.

Golf Map

Find out about Queenstown’s six golf courses that are all within a 25 minute drive from the town center. Browse more information about golf in Queenstown.

Queenstown Biking Map

Discover the huge array of bike trails around Queenstown offering some of the best riding in the country. You can take a look at our Queenstown biking section for more information.

Wine Trail Map

Learn about the Gibbston valley area, a rich wine growing region located between Queenstown and Cromwell. Find out more about wine experiences in Queenstown.