Charlotte Handy: Girl and the Garden (2014)

Date & Time

08 February - 05 March 2014
10am to 6pm daily


Venue: Milford Galleries

Address: 9A Earl Street

Town/Area: Queenstown

Price & Tickets

Price: This is a free event.

Contact Information

Organisation: milford galleries queenstown

Organiser: Jac Byron

Phone: (03) 442 6896

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Charlotte Handy: Girl and the Garden (2014)

Viewing Girl in the Garden, it is the eyes that naturally claim your attention at first and Handy reinforces this with her deft use of form, composition, and palette. Framed by an elegant geometry of cheekbones and jawline, and constructed using a series of delicate planes, Handy has created beautiful, yet alien, portraits. Some of the subjects stare directly out of their paintings; others gaze past the edges of the canvas into an unseen distance. Her shallow perspective and tight focus in the smallest works recall Russian icons, emphasised further by the flat plane of the background. 

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