"So you're in Queenstown, you've come to run your eye over nature's finest, and to listen to the sound of your beating heart.

Well here's Queenstown 101 for beginners and thrill seekers;
The mountains are easy, just point downhill and you can't go wrong.

Bungy, really? anyone can jump off a bridge with a big rubber band around your ankles, or fly off a hill with kite on your back, the only thing you'll hurt doing that is your feelings.
But if you're a real 'cowboy', a tough as teak, carved out of stone, sun bleached, whisky drinking, hard livin', womanising, fair dinkum cowboy, a cowboy in the Texas style, then you'll be lookin' to ride the bull.

You ain't been to Queenstown if you haven't ridden the 'Cowboys' bull, the buck jumping, take no prisoners, snorting bull that only special people can ride.....you up for that? or you want a plate of milk pussy pants?
While you're there the Cowboy bar can do you 22 tequilas, 18 bourbons, 15 Whiskeys, good honest liquor & free chuck wagon tucker until it comes out your ears, shuffle board and 8 ball, big roaring fires, warm hearts, and the best music you ever did hear from Tennessee to Tucson, Nashville to New Zeeland.

If you want to see a slice of life, Cowboy life New Zeeland style, then you'll be seeing us in Searle Lane, just off the Mall, just ask some local dudes to point you our way cos' if you leave Queenstown without doing the Cowboy thing you really never arrived.
Cowboy up pardner, let's do it"


3pm to 4am

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