The Forward Outlook resource indicates the current levels of accommodation occupancy in Queenstown.

The Forward Outlook resource is weighted predominantly on currently booked forward occupancy rates with a small consideration of predictive forward booking data incorporated into the model. This resource is refreshed and posted every week on Thursday by midday. 

Data Download

Below is a link to the raw data for the Forward Outlook. Users can either download the excel file (by going to file > save as > download a copy) or connect directly to the URL. To arrange access for a direct URL link please contact Eilidh Blanchard.

How to use the Forward Outlook

For optimal viewing and navigation of the report click the "open in full-screen mode" button in the bottom right hand of the visualisation ((full screen icon)). To navigate to the different pages of the interactive report, click the arrow buttons located at the bottom middle of the report (PowerBI Arrows). These visualisations are best viewed on a larger format screen like a tablet or computer. 


Disclaimer: This tool represents only a potential scenario for what occupancy could look like over the coming period, it is not an actual forecast

The data sets, insights, and related resources have been created for use by Destination Queenstown and its membership base only. They are not for publication or dissemination without consulting Destination Queenstown prior.