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We’ve put together a simple guide to help you optimise your business listings and attract more visitors to your product pages. We’re here to help if you have any questions.


Creating a product listing

Here's our tips and tricks to creating the ultimate product listing and ensuring its optimised for search:

  • Company Name: Add the name of your company/business.

  • Product Name: This is the name of your product/attraction/restaurant/hotel. (For businesses or activity operators that have more than one 'product', this is the name of the specific bookable experience on your website)

  • Summary: This is the short description of your product that appears on listing category pages.

    • Keep it succinct, you have just 150 characters to make your product sound awesome!

    • Sell the best things about your product; the things you’re famous for and your visitors love.

  • Description: This is one of the most important parts of the product listing and crucial for organic search. 

    • This is your chance to sell! Make sure the copy includes what makes your product unique, and key information your visitors need to know.

    • Include your product and business name within the copy at least twice.

    • Include other key words visitors may use when searching your product and any terms you target in your own organic search optimisation.

    • Use short paragraphs and subheadings to call out key points. Remember, most people skim read, so make sure they take away the most important things about your business.

    • Use bullet points to break the content up and make it easier to read. 

    • Minimum 300 words

  • TripAdvisor ID: TripAdvisor reviews add credibility to your business. If you have a TripAdvisor profile please include your TripAdvisor ID. This will automatically display your Trip Advisor reviews on your listing.

Loading images & video - the Media tab

People are highly visual when it comes to consuming information so it's important that your product listing has high aesthetic appeal.

  • Video: Embed a video within your listing to better sell your experience. Videos can be uploaded via the Media tab by entering a YouTube video ID. Videos can be linked to multiple product listings

  • Images: Attractive, high quality images help sell your business to prospective visitors, but also play a powerful role in increasing your organic search presence by appearing in Google search results. We recommend adding a hero image as well as at least one gallery image to each listing. New images can be uploaded via the Media tab in the extranet.

Image specs:

  • Main and Gallery images should be 2048w x 960h. Make sure the subject or point of focus is in the centre of the image, and allow some height above the subject where possible. Try not to have subjects on the outer edges to prevent them being cut off when resized on different devices. 

  • Logos should be at least 800w x 600h.

  • Special offer images should be 705w x 489h.

  • There are some great online image editing tools (such as Landscape or Pixlr Editor) to crop your image to the right size.

  • Image titles: the naming of image files is important information for organic search.

    • Ensure image titles include business name and product name

  • Image description:

    • The image description is for organic search and for visually impaired users who rely on screen readers.

    • Use your description to describe what’s happening in the image. Description example: “A woman screams as she bungy jumps from the Kawarau Bridge Bungy in Queenstown, New Zealand.”

    • Include your product name in the description for every image


Special Offers Tab

Special Offers can be added via the Special Offers tab in the main menu of the DQ Extranet. This is another opportunity for you to strengthen your business listing’s organic search reach. It’s also a way for you to generate more leads to your business.

  • Include a short but compelling offer in your Special Offer title.

  • Include your product and business name in every offer description.

  • Include an image (upload via the Media tab). Special Offer images should be 705w x 489h.


Need help?

Download our step by step user guide to creating new listings via the DQ extranet. 

If you have questions, or you need help, contact our Member Services Administrator, Member Services Administrator.