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Travel Update

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 Bid Documents

Using the Queenstown Convention Bureau is completely free of charge. The team works with clients (corporate companies and agencies alike) to make choosing Queenstown for business events simple.  A significant point to note is that unlike most Bureaux, QCB does not have any sort of membership structure for suppliers.  DQ is funded by local government (from commercial rate levies). The Bureau does not operate on the model of recommending preferred suppliers. When submitting a destinational proposal, a brief of the event is sent to all relevant Queenstown suppliers to tender for the business. The information is collected and presented in one bid document providing a summary of ALL options for the event. The Bureau is then there to provide impartial advice to the client if required, during the decision making process.

Site inspections

QCB gives clients two options and the decision regarding the format of the site inspection is 100% made by the client.  The first option is that the site inspection is fully hosted by QCB. The Bureau works closely with the client to determine which suppliers they would like to meet with/experience.  As part of the planning process, the QCB can also introduce the client to other appropriate operators.  Visits are tailored to suit the event requirements and maximise time spent in Queenstown. 

The second option the client is given is to be hosted on a site inspection by a DMC.  This option has been introduced to give those clients who would like to engage a DMC the opportunity to understand more closely the services DMCs provide.  If the client has a particular DMC they want to use, the Bureau will connect the client with that DMC.  Alternatively the DMC allocated to host can done by the Bureau on a “next in line” basis. There is absolutely no obligation for the client to retain a DMC for their event – either the DMC that hosted them or any other.  If the client does not want to be hosted by a DMC, the Bureau will host the site inspection.

The role of QCB is to connect clients with the suppliers they need to ensure the success of their event.  Decisions regarding which suppliers they choose to use is completely up to the client. 

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