This plan was created with and for the local communities.

Tourism takes place in and cannot be separated from the community. It is crucial to understand what the people of Queenstown Lakes want from the visitor economy. That is why the destination planning process was designed to be community-driven from the start.

This work is an output of the district’s Spatial Plan, Kāi Tahu is represented within the governance structure at the highest level. Throughout the process, the partners have proactively engaged with Kāi Tahu to ensure their involvement in developing the plan. This is part of ongoing work to develop an enduring partnership with mana whenua relating specifically to tourism and the visitor economy. At this stage, input has been provided through the partnership within the Spatial Plan but rūnaka representatives have not been in a position to provide detailed input. As this plan is implemented and future plans are developed, the nature of this partnership will deepen.

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Travel to a thriving future, Queenstown Lakes Regenerative Tourism Plan

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