Community Event Registration

Regenerative Tourism by 2030: Destination Queenstown, Lake Wānaka Tourism & QLDC

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Community Event Registration

The Community Events are open for everyone and we encourage you to please get involved, and bring your friends, family and colleagues. Please register on the form below. Note that you don't have to register to attend - you can show up on the day and bring as many people as you like! 

These community events will aim to:

  • Share the Design Forum’s work with the community to develop their knowledge of, and motivation for, a regenerative visitor system.
  • Lift the community's understanding of the potential of the visitor system to enable a thriving community, environment, and economy
  • Build community momentum around the work by inspiring a new way of thinking about the visitor system

Refreshments from 5:00pm, Discussions from 5:30pm–7:00pm

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