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Queenstown Lakes’ regenerative tourism strategy

Project 14: Love Wānaka / Love Queenstown


Increase the total value of the visitor economy, net of all costs and leakage.


This project completes the work already begun to create local community funds that will provide opportunities to receive and hold funds that support environmental and community goals. It may also support projects that visitors can get involved with and provide an option for visitors to give back financially.

Inputs, actions and thought starters

  1. Establish a community fund that targets visitor give-back and financial contributions to support social and environmental outcomes.
  2. Develop platforms that enable visitor give-back programmes.

Progress to date

The development of the Love Queenstown / Love Wānaka community funds has been underway for several months. The focus of these funds is to support localised climate, conservation, and biodiversity initiatives, accelerating the region’s shift to a regenerative carbon zero future and enabling visitors to positively impact Queenstown and Wānaka through their activities and experiences.  Progress made includes: 

  • the development of individual brand identities (Love Wānaka and Love Queenstown).
  • the establishment of a partnership with the Wakatipu Community Foundation (CC55258) which will handle the charitable arm of the delivery of the regenerative tourism fund.  
  • the official launch of both funds on 4 April 2023.

Project leads

  • Ash Bickley - Community Fund Co-ordinator
  • Lake Wānaka Tourism 
  • Destination Queenstown

How to get involved

Alternatively, reach out to the team through the contact us form. 

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Travel to a thriving future. Queenstown Lakes' regenerative tourism strategy.

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