New Zealand is currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 2. The New Zealand border is closed for entry to foreign nationals. Anyone already in New Zealand is now able to travel domestically so long as steps are taken to minimise risk.

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Skyline mountain bike park


5 Reasons to go Skiing for a Long Weekend

Thinking about gathering a group of friends, escaping the everyday, and finding some freedom on Queenstown’s ski fields this winter? Queenstown has four ski fields within 20 – 90 minutes of downtown and so much fun to be had in between. Here are just five reasons to go skiing in Queenstown for a long weekend.
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Queenstown Businesses Giving Back

Queenstown businesses have banded together to find creative ways to give back to the community, while the last couple of weeks have put a pause on business for some. Here are some of the inspirational efforts local Queenstown businesses are making and how you can get involved from home.
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