Over the years, NZSKi has introduced a range of initiatives to help sustain the delicate environment they operate in including weed and pest control on the mountain, native animal conservation, investing in fair trade staff uniforms, and reducing food-packaging waste across both Coronet Peak and The Remarkables Ski Area.

40 percent of the waste created on the mountain was glass and while the local council operates an efficient glass-recycling programme, NZSki decided to solve two problems with one action by investing in a glass crusher to recycle glass bottles from the cafe onsite and reducing their need to bring additional building materials up the mountain in the process. 

The glass crusher turns glass bottles into sand which can be used in underground projects on the ski field including bedding in snowmaking pipes. The Coronet Peak team made 12-13 tonnes of glass sand during the winter 2019 season which meant no additional bedding material needed to be brought onto site.

They now recycle and reuse 100% of the glass waste created on the site.

Check out this awesome video of the glass crusher in action.