No trip to Queenstown is complete without exhilarating screams, adrenaline-fuelled memory-making, or an adventure tour of some sort. Queenstown is New Zealand’s adventure playground and the destination to push you right out of your comfort zone. Escape from the mundane and experience something new in the adventure capital of the world.

Pioneering adrenaline adventures

1. Jet boating

Queenstown is the birthplace of several iconic adrenaline-fuelled experiences, including jetboating, tandem skydiving, and bungy jumping. The world’s first commercial jetboat ride was launched here, introducing visitors to an exciting new way to explore our wild rivers. Race past epic canyons, through narrow gorges, experience thrilling 360-degree jet boat spins and hold on as gravity takes the reigns under the watchful eyes of the surrounding mountain ranges.

Go Orange

RealNZ Jet Boat on Kawarau River

2. Brave the bungy 

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in our town, and we are proud to be the home of Bungy, having launched the world’s first bungy jump experience from the Kawarau Bridge in 1987... Take a deep breath and choose to leap from one of three different jump sites; the 43m Kawarau Bungy (the original), the 47m Ledge Bungy (the most scenic), or the 134m Nevis (the nail-biter). Or mix it up by adding in the Nevis Swing or human catapult to ignite the adrenaline endorphins!

AJ Hackett BungyThe Kawarau Bungy Jump

3. Skydive over the Southern Alps 

The combination of pushing yourself to your limits while embracing the beauty of mother nature is what Queenstown is all about and exactly why New Zealand’s first tandem skydive operation started here. It takes a certain kind of person to want to jump out of a perfectly good plane, but the sensory overload is like nothing else you will ever experience as you freefall at 200km over stunning lakes and mountains. Skydiving in Queenstown offers the greatest potential for reward and allows you to push your limits sky high.

Tandem Skydiving over Queenstown with NZone

Tandem Skydiving with NZone

An aquatic adventure

4. River Boarding on the Kawarau River 

Experience the place where the views are endless and adventure bountiful. The mountains, rivers, and land carve the perfect landscape for endless activities. Get up close and personal with the white-water rapids of the Kawarau River on New Zealand's first-ever river boarding tour. Swim through raging rapids, surf a river wave, ride whirls, and play in giant eddy lines. For those looking to quench their thirst for adventure, this is the activity for you.

Serious Fun Riverboarding

Serious Fun Riverboarding

5. Backcountry pack rafting 

Hike, paddle, explore. The three main ingredients you need for a wild ride pack rafting in and around the rivers of Queenstown. Expect to see the most beautiful waterfalls, mountain vistas, and wide-open valleys during a pack rafting day or an overnight trip, you will see it all. Combine the adventure and beautiful scenery in a truly unforgettable trip to new places with Packrafting Queenstown.


Take to the mountains

6. Rock climbing in the Whakatipu 

With an abundance of rock and mountains in Queenstown, Queenstown has some of the most accessible alpine environments in New Zealand. Climb Single Cone and Double Cone, the highest points on the Remarkables on a guided ascent.  Enjoy a full day of physical activity and push through the extremes in nature’s playground while experiencing the best single-pitch routes proposed by climbing experts.  Scale incredible faces, enjoy breath-taking views and revel in a sense of achievement.

Lead climbing at Arawata terrace

Lead climbing at Arawata terrace

7. Hike into the hills

It is no secret that Queenstown is home to some of the finest walks and hikes in the world, with a plethora of incredible trails waiting for outdoor enthusiasts to sample. From one-to-two hour short scenic hikes such as Queenstown Hill, to a full day mission scaling the summit of Ben Lomond, there is something for everyone in Queenstown, no matter how you get your thrills. If multi-day hikes and sleeping in the backcountry is your kind of escapade, then experience the remote wilderness of the iconic Routeburn Track or tackle the 4–5 day spectacular Rees-Dart Track and awaken your mind, body, and soul leaving you feeling refreshed and feeling alive.

Queenstown HillQueenstown Hill in spring

8. Gravity-fed downhill thrills 

Take in the seriously great views over your handlebars and race your mates to the bottom for a tasty reward. Queenstown is home to three lift-accessed bike parks, saving your legs on the uphill for maximum effort on the downhill. Fancy upping the ante? Jump in a helicopter and soar over the Southern Alps before hopping on the saddle for an epic descent back down to lake level. This is one for advanced riders seeking serious thrill factor.  

Joel Tunbridge, Conor Macfarlane and Shania Rawson, Skyline Bike Park

Queenstown Bike Park

Queenstown is home to an abundance of incredible heart-pumping activities that will have you coming back for more and more. The natural playground sets the stage for a range of outdoor pursuits, and these are just a few on offer to our intrepid visitors.  How many will you tick off?