With the ski season almost here, we’re getting ski fit to maximise our days on the slopes, avoid the pain of those first few runs and make the reward of a hot toddy all that sweeter. Check out these tips on what parts of the body to focus on to make sure you’re ski fit.

It’s all about core and leg strength with skiing and riding, the stronger you are in those areas, the more stable and agile you’ll be when strapped into your skis or snowboard. First, it’s back to basics with squats, lunges and chariot pulls.

Working on your lateral strength, the muscles that run around your sides from your spine to your hips, will help you get up after a fall without unstrapping from your gear. Side planking (on your knees to start with to help build strength), is a great way to focus on that area.

And then there’s stamina. Whether you’re a learner or a seasoned pro, having some cardio fitness up your sleeve will make your days on the slopes so much more fun. Interval training, running or bike riding are great ways to get outdoors before you come.

Once you’re in Queenstown, head for the hills. If you’re looking for a hill climb to get your stamina, and legs, ready for the mountains, the Tiki Trail or Queenstown Hill are easily accessible walks that leave directly from town and really get the legs burning if you push the pace.

Finally, balance. Unsurprisingly this is also an important part of skiing and snowboarding, and you can work on your balance by jumping on a wobble board and practicing your squats - believe us, it's harder than you'd think!

If you’re new to exercise or returning to workouts after some time, ask at the gym for some training tips from a professional trainer to make sure you’re performing all of your exercises in the right form.

With four ski fields right on Queenstown's doorstep, increasing your strength will have you shredding the slopes all day long!