During the 2019 season, there were 7-8 kea living at The Remarkables. If you spot any kea with a band on their leg while skiing at The Remarkables this season they are probably part of the crew! 

Last year, NZSki worked with the Kea Conservation Trust to catch the kea living at The Remarkables and measure them, check their blood levels for lead (kea are known to eat lead as its sweet and malleable) and band their legs so they can be monitored. 

Each summer, the team at The Remarkables work to restore the areas around the mountain that may have been impacted by new trails or infrastructure from ski field operations. Seeds from native plants growing in the area are used to revegetate the areas to ensure the types of plants growing up there are what would usually be found in the alpine environment. There are currently 8,000 native plants in nurseries ready and waiting to be planted on the mountain over the next couple of years.

The team at The Remarkables recognise that they are guardians of the mountain, or Kaitiaki, and that it is therefore their role to preserve, protect and foster the area to ensure that it is around for generations to come. The work put in each summer aims to make the mountain a safe environment with thriving native flora for native birds like the kea to enjoy. 

If you see a kea while in our region you can help the Kea Conservation Trust by reporting your sighting here

Watch the video below to find out more about the environmental projects at The Remarkables Ski Area.