1. Weekly cleaning.

From vacuuming under your flatmates dirty socks to scrubbing the shower and still not removing the stains from the glass then on to packing and unpacking the dishes...We think we can do better with your time.

2. Road trip.

A long, weekend road trip on overcrowded motorways where someone’s always broken down causing a massive delay. And, why does everyone have to leave town at once?

3. Trip to the movies.

The latest overwhelmingly long, blockbuster superhero movie. Forget it. Come to Queenstown this spring and star in your own epic. BYO helmet cam.

4. Theme Park nightmares.

Waiting in line for your favourite theme park ride with thousands of screaming kids then the ride shuts down.

5. Work work work…

Counting the hours from lunchtime ‘til home time…it can seem an eternity, let alone 3 hours.

6. Lectures…at Uni.

Listening to the Professor drone on about the relationship between 21st Century Ologarchy and 18th Century Industrial innovations. It might only be 2 hours but it seems like 10.


But excitement is within reach. Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and now Qantas all provide direct flights to Queenstown from Sydney and Melbourne. And once you’ve landed, town is only 15 minutes from the airport and the closest, snow-peaked mountain just 20 minutes away! Check out how easy it is to get here.


So why waste time? Make Queenstown your playground - this winter.

Here's all you need to know to plan your next ski trip to Queenstown.