New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 1. Our international border is closed, but Queenstown is open and welcoming domestic travellers. We look forward to seeing you here soon.

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Skyline mountain bike park


An Extreme Scene

We’re celebrating Queenstown’s adventurous heart and pioneering history with the third article of this three-part series. Today we investigate the extreme scene that lures adrenaline junkies to our door.
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In High Places

We’re celebrating Queenstown’s adventurous heart and pioneering history in a short three-part series. Today we remember how the mountains have shaped our spirit.
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Hidden Hikes to explore in Arrowtown

Arrowtown is the gateway to many walking tracks and well-known hikes such as The Sawpit Gully Loop, Millennium Track and Tobins Track but that’s just the start of what’s on offer. If you’re looking for a real hill to climb look no further than Arrowtown’s secret peaks.
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Five Adventures to be had on Lake Wakatipu

Queenstown offers an array of ways to explore our waters, from icy cold dips, scenic boat cruises or thrilling jet boat rides, to leaping in and out of the water in a semi-submersible watercraft. Here are some of the most exciting ways to get out and about in Queenstown's lakes and rivers.
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Four epic trail runs from Queenstown

Queenstown is one of those New Zealand destinations which attracts more than its fair share of active travellers and for those keen to keep up their trail running regime, there are miles and miles of trails to explore all over the region.
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