Surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and fiords, Queenstown is an ideal destination for all your favourite water and lake activities, and some you may not have discovered yet.  

You can embark on a leisurely boat cruise, a thrilling jet boat ride through steep ravines or across the open waters of Lake Whakatipu, or explore deep canyons around the region on a canyoning escapade.

Meanwhile, parasailing lifts you high above the lake as you sail along behind a boat, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the beautiful scenery from above.

Enjoy a relaxing canoeing or kayaking trip down a pristine river, across a sparkling lake or on a remote fiord. Kayaking excursions in Queenstown are great for the whole family and for travellers looking for a social group activity.

The ultimate in water adventures in Queenstown will take you back to the rivers, where you can go whitewater rafting or river surfing. Take your pick from heli-rafting, family rafting, river boarding, river surfing - Queenstown offers a grade of rapids for everyone, from beginners to advanced whitewater enthusiasts.