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Famils & Training

Queenstown Trade Training and Famil Opportunities

We have produced or compiled some helpful training resources to assist you in training yourself and your colleagues on selling Queenstown as a visitor destination.

There are also opportunities for travel trade familiarisations to Queenstown throughout the year, with Destination Queenstown or in partnership Tourism New Zealand and other stakeholders.

Trade Training Presentations

Destination Queenstown and Tourism New Zealand offer training presentations to assist with your knowledge and promotion of Queenstown and the Southern Lakes Region.

Browse the free trade training presentation options below and follow the links to participate.


Queenstown Online Trade Video Presentations

Destination Queenstown has produced two short video presentations to enhance your Queenstown knowledge and provide you with key selling points about our cosmopolitan four season lake and alpine resort.

The first covers general Queenstown information and details the range of activities on offer here, from adventure to wine, biking, golf, shopping and dining. There’s also information on the distinct four seasons which offer a different experience for travellers, and outlines the townships that surround Queenstown and some reasons for visiting them.

Up next is a video that focuses on golf tourism, the major golf courses in the region, the New Zealand Golf Open and golf-related services available here.

Travel Trade Training Video: Introduction

Travel Trade Training Video: Golf

Tourism New Zealand Southern Lakes Training Module

Tourism New Zealand offers a training module to further enhance industry knowledge about the Southern Lakes region. They also offer a number of other training modules on topics such as 'An Introduction to New Zealand' and 'Practical Knowledge About New Zealand'.


Fiordland, Wanaka & Queenstown Module Objectives:

  • Explain the key selling points of the Southern Lakes district.

  • Build an itinerary including key highlights.

  • Identify the key centres in the Southern Lakes district.

  • Link the Southern Lakes regions with other parts of New Zealand.


Key Selling Points:

  • Lakeside resort towns: Queenstown and Wanaka are renowned for their stunning settings and sophisticated tourism infrastructure.

  • Fiordland National Park: New Zealand’s largest park and recognised as a World Heritage area.

  • Winter playground: four ski areas and other mountain/snow related activities

  • Walking/tramping: three of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’ begin or end in Queenstown.

  • Adventure: every conceivable outdoor adventure is possible.

  • Relaxation and indulgence: the region has its own wine growing area along with quality dining experiences and top quality accommodation.


Industry Familiarisations

If you have first-hand knowledge of Queenstown, you will be able to help your clients plan better holidays in our region.

Familiarisation trips are a great way to discover new products and become an expert in your field. Use this page to learn about the various familiarisation options available to you and how you could be in Queenstown skydiving over Glenorchy, bungy jumping off bridges or sampling our famous Pinot Noir in Gibbston!


Queenstown Famils 

We support Tourism New Zealand in the creation of familiarisation itineraries for visiting travel trade. Our members and our organisation encourage the inclusion of Queenstown in all Tourism New Zealand familiarisation visits where appropriate to the visiting travel sellers.

The Destination Queenstown trade team assists in the development of key partner familiarisation itineraries for New Zealand inbound tour operators, international wholesalers, and airlines. If you have staff or travel trade clients that would benefit from first-hand experience of Queenstown and would like to find out more, you can consider applying for the Tourism New Zealand Explore programme outlined below.


The Explore New Zealand Programme


About The Programme 

Tourism New Zealand's mission is to motivate travellers to come now, do more and send others. To help achieve that goal they've put together Explore New Zealand - a discount programme available to travel sellers. Like us, Tourism New Zealand believes that if you have first-hand knowledge of our country, you will be better able to help your clients plan their New Zealand holidays.

Tourism operators in the Explore New Zealand programme offer you very special discounted offers - making it easy and inexpensive for you to experience Queenstown and our surrounding regions. To use the discounts, you need to apply for the Explore Card as described below.

All the current discounts and participating operators are listed in the Explore New Zealand book.


Who Can Apply for an Explore Card? 

If you're a travel seller, you may be entitled to use the discounts in the Explore programme. 

Explore New Zealand cards may be eligible to:

Frontline travel sellers that are currently selling New Zealand as a destination

Product planners, managers and other key decision makers who can increase New Zealand's profile and visitor numbers


How to apply 

You should allow at least three weeks for your application to be processed and the necessary documentation to be returned to you by post. If you are going to other destinations before arriving in New Zealand, please ensure you apply for your card at least three weeks before leaving home.

Once approved, you will be issued an Explore New Zealand card which gives access to around 500 discounted offers on scenic flights, accommodation, sightseeing, activities, restaurants and shopping. You’ll also receive print version of the Explore New Zealand book listing all the discounts.

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