Queenstown Trade Training Resources

Training is key to growing sales. We have compiled a number of helpful resources to assist you in training yourself and your staff on how to sell Queenstown as a visitor destination.

Increased knowledge about Queenstown will help with better itinerary planning which leads to better customer satisfaction.

Utilise the links below to ensure your staff are up to date in all things Queenstown and can make the most of their sales.

Queenstown Trade Training Resources

 Queenstown training presentations

Training Presentations

Educate your front line or reservations staff with Destination Queenstown's handy training presentation, or link to Tourism New Zealand training resources.

 Queenstown training presentations

Travel Trade Updates

Browse the latest travel trade news updates from Destination Queenstown.

  'Awesome' Queenstown trip for Australian conference group.

Industry Famils

Arrange a familiarisation visit to Queenstown for your staff to learn about Queenstown products and tourism operators.

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