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Queenstown Fun Facts

Who was the first US President to visit Queenstown? Who is the Lady of the Lake? What age is the oldest person ever to have bungy jumped in Queenstown? Learn the answers to these questions and brush up on your Queenstown knowledge with our fun facts!

Queenstown Quick Reference Guide

A comprehensive fact file for media professionals on Queenstown as the ultimate four season playground.

Commercial Accommodation Monitor (CAM)

The CAM is a census of commercial accommodation providers in New Zealand and is conducted monthly. Data is presented in the following areas: regional councils, regional tourism organisations and accommodation types.  The data covers information such as capacity, occupancy rates, and number of establishments, etc. The figures are released by Statistics New Zealand three months after the data is collected.  To view more statistics visit the Statistics New Zealand website.

Regional Tourism Indicators (RTI)

The Regional Tourism Indicators (RTI) are a new series that are based on electronic card transaction data and are designed to provide regular updates on both International and Domestic tourism expenditure at a regional level.

View the latest RTI here

International Visitor Arrivals (IVA)

International Visitor Arrivals to New Zealand (IVA) is a monthly report produced by Statistics New Zealand and sponsored by Tourism New Zealand. The report contains detailed tables and graphs of monthly and annual data, showing the number and characteristics of visitor arrivals. Visitor arrivals are defined as overseas residents arriving in New Zealand for a stay of less than 12 months.

View the latest IVA here

New Zealand Regional Tourism Forecasts 2015 - 2021

Since 1999, the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment has produced forecasts annually for a seven-year projection period. The current forecasts cover the period to 2021. The Ministry forecasts provide expectations on the future tourism demand in New Zealand. The forecasts are intended to support the tourism sector and government in decision making and planning. Data is for international and domestic tourists and variables include visits, visitor nights, length of stay, purpose of visit and visitor origin.

View the Regional Tourism Forecasts 2015 - 2021 here


Passenger Statistics

View the latest international and domestic passenger statistics from Queenstown Airport.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Visit The Tourism Strategy Group's research website, the home of New Zealand's official tourism research programme.

Tourism NZ Statistics

Looking for more information?  Another great resource for research and events in the New Zealand tourism industry is the Tourism New Zealand website.