Queenstown, the place to do business

“Our staff are incredibly grateful that they can be based in Queenstown and work for a global tech business.”

 Mat Weir, Founder of First Table


Industries in Queenstown

The industry mix in Queenstown goes beyond tourism expanding into technology, hospitality, real estate, and sustainability. The economy is fueled by innovation, a commitment to green practices and an entrepreneurial spirit. With a backdrop of natural beauty, Queenstown attracts established businesses and startups eager to blend lifestyle with professional growth.


Business Support

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Startups in Queenstown

Many budding startups have grown into profitable businesses in Queenstown. The region supports new ventures with resources and abundant networking opportunities. Its championship of innovation and technological progress makes it a preferred home for numerous founders.

Start Up Queenstown Lakes provides startup support, expert advice, business coaching and the tools you need to start or scale your own business. 



Invest in Queenstown

As a thriving business hub with a strong focus on world-class tourism, the environment, and innovation, there are some unique opportunities for those looking to invest in Queenstown. The region’s picturesque landscapes and experiences draw global visitors year-round, ensuring sustained demand for services and innovations. The region’s robust economy and supportive community make it an ideal location for investment opportunities.



The People Behind the Success

Meet the business owners and entrepreneurs thriving in Queenstown.



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