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Exploring Queenstown: Recommended Adventures for 4hr, 6hr, or a Full Day

Half Day Explorers (4 Hours):

Difficulty Rating: 2/5  
Distance: 28 km (Queenstown golf course and back)  
Terrain: Mostly flat and level on dedicated cycle paths, with minimal shared roads.  
Fitness Level Required: Easy

Tranquil Frankton Trail: Glide along this peaceful path, surrounded by stunning lake views.

Local Delights:

The Boat Shed: A picturesque brunch haven.  
The Frankton Arm Tavern: Lakeside gastronomy with a view (eBike chargers available)  
The Hilton's Wakatipu Grill: Elegant dining experiences.  
The Sherwood: Organic delights to satisfy your palate.  

Expand Your Adventure: Consider extending to a 6-hour lazy ride for more culinary and beer-tasting experiences around the lake.

Visualize Your Route: [Route Map](https://maps.app.goo.gl/AsbjFFocnjXLhkLZA)

Extended Day Adventurers (6 Hours):

Difficulty Rating: 3/5  
Distance: 43 km (Lake Hayes and down the country trail)  
Terrain: Varied, including dedicated cycle paths and quiet country roads.  
Fitness Level Required: Light to Moderate

Rejuvenation Stops:

11th Avenue by Franks: Refuel with coffee (eBike chargers available)  
The Hayes Pub: Enjoy the local ambiance.  

Trail Highlights: Discover diverse landscapes and enjoy a loop that's both accessible and enjoyable.

Map Your Adventure: [Route Map](https://maps.app.goo.gl/xV4z5uRBftvpLygXA)

Full Day Platinum Model Trek Hire: The Ultimate Queenstown Adventure

Difficulty Rating: 3.5/5  
Return by 5 PM  
Distance: 62 km (Queenstown to Arrowtown loop)  
Terrain: A mix of dedicated cycle paths and serene country roads, with some challenging sections.  
Fitness Level Required: Moderate-Active

Arrowtown's Charm: Delight in the historic beauty of Arrowtown, perfect in every season.

Culinary Stops & More:

AB Bakeries: Energizing artisan baked goods.  
Fork and Tap: Memorable al fresco dining (eBike chargers available)  
Provisions: Healthful and delicious fare.  
Slow Cuts: Casual dining options to unwind.  
Millhouse: Elegant lakeside gastronomy.  

Discover the Route: [Route Map](https://maps.app.goo.gl/VAbLTmzU8HSQzSjX6)

Finishing Your Ride:

Standard Return: Please return and lock the bikes at Queenstown Gardens, 16 Park Street, by the bike rack indicated in the picture below.  

Door-to-Door Upgrade: Opt for our convenient door-to-door service, and we will meet you at your specified location for bike collection.

Your Ride Essentials:

Premium eBikes: Giant Talon E (2022) and Trek Powerfly 4 (2023)  
Navigation: Effortlessly find your way with the Going Blue Map.  
Safety Gear: Helmets and Wordlocks for a worry-free ride.  
Storage: Convenient water bottle holders (not on small Giants).  
Customer Support: Timely assistance with Support & Reminder texts.  
Repair Kit: Equipped for any unexpected situations.

Navigate with Confidence: For seamless route planning, we provide a detailed map that showcases the trails, points of interest, and recommended stops.

Perfect for pre-ride planning and on-ride navigation to enhance your cycling experience.

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    • All hires include your gear droped off to your door and picked up afterwards. If you require a pickup from Arrowtown etc a small fee is added on.

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