Planning your ideal visit to Queenstown is easy with visitor booking services and private tour operators offering a number of Queenstown personal tour options.

Experience Queenstown on your own agenda with a personalised tour. Tell your guide what you want to do and you will receive a personalised tour itinerary, just for you!

If you’re looking for general advice and help with booking your trip in advance, or want someone to book your Queenstown adventures once you are here, get in contact with one of Queenstown's local booking service providers. That's a great way to get expert recommendations on Queenstown accommodation and activities, or super combo deals to save some money. Many of Queenstown’s hotels offer activity advice and bookings through their concierge desk or reception.

To keep up with the latest Queenstown and visitor news there is a range of Queenstown newspapers, magazines and travel publications. These provide news, reviews, information on events, and advertising opportunities for locals and visitors alike.