Travelling to Queenstown? Get inspired by these top tips to make your holiday even better.

Queenstown is a place that invites you to venture beyond – to slow down, stay a while and soak in every moment. 

When you travel Queenstown this way, you'll feel like a temporary local. You’ll take your time, get to know the community, connect with our culture, and give back.

Your small choices can have a big impact on our community – like planning to stay an extra day, choosing lower emissions transport, or opting to share in a guided experience with a local.

Ready to delve deeper? Here’s what you need to know before you go.


Tip #1: Take your time

You’ve earned it – plan to take your time and stay a while to really immerse yourself in this place. No matter what time of year you’re visiting, these six-day Queenstown travel itineraries will help you relax, unwind, and experience Queenstown on a deeper level. 

It’s worth extending your stay to explore Queenstown’s surrounding regions and towns. There’s so much to uncover in Arrowtown, Gibbston, Glenorchy, Kingston, and further afield, too.


Tip #2: Consider how you get around

Whether you choose to explore Queenstown on foot, by the $2 public bus network, by bike on the Queenstown Trail, or by hiring your own EV, considering lower emissions transport options makes for a trip that’s better for our community, your wellbeing, and your pocket.


Tip #3: Seek sustainable stays

Rest easy knowing your Queenstown stay helps preserve the environment and gives back to our local community. Discover Queenstown stays that are doing good – like working to reduce their energy use, supporting local suppliers, diverting food waste, and much more! 


Tip #4: Connect with our community

When you become a temporary local when visiting Queenstown, you’ll forge connections with our community and share in our love for this place. Find fun ways to become a temporary local and connect with our people with the guides below.


Tip #5: Get inspired

Queenstown has an ambitious goal to be a regenerative tourism destination with a carbon zero visitor economy by 2030 – read more about the plan here. Inspired by nature, our innovative community is leading the way and pushing new boundaries by giving back to people and place.

Get inspired to leave your mark, without leaving a trace, in Queenstown with these stories of our operators who give back to the environment and the local community.


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