Queenstown, too good not to take care of.

Everyone wants to keep this place special. That’s why Queenstown Lakes is aiming to be a regenerative tourism destination with a carbon zero visitor economy by 2030. 

This goal came about after conversations with our locals, our community, and our businesses to hear what they wanted for the future. The answer was unanimous: to protect this place for future generations.

We considered 'sustainability' goals, but it quickly became clear to us that sustaining what we had wouldn’t be good enough – we would need to regenerate and make this place better than it is.

Regenerative travel in Queenstown means you slow down, take your time to get to know and appreciate the people and place, forge connections with the community and give back to the place we all love.

Together, we’ll ensure Queenstown thrives as a regenerative destination into the future.


Regenerative [adjective]: "Move beyond sustainable. Creating an environment, a place, and an economy for Queenstown that is circular in nature and gives back more than it takes."


Plan a Better Trip

Queenstown invites you to slow down, experience more and become a temporary local. When planning your trip, venture further, immerse yourself in nature and connect with the land and community.

Start planning your Queenstown trip, for better, with these handy resources.

Travel Tips

Low Emission Travel

Become a Temporary Local

Outdoor Safety

Guided Experiences

Camping with Care

Single-Use Cup Free Café Guide


“We hope visitors will come here and learn regenerative practices and take new ideas home. When you travel, you have an open mind and heart, you see different things, and you change."


Itineraries That Inspire

Make the most of your visit here and plan an extended stay in Queenstown to fully immerse yourself.

These 6-day itineraries are packed full of must-do, low-impact experiences that showcase the best of this place.


Show Your Love for Queenstown

Our visitor giveback program, Love Queenstown, is an easy way to make sure your trip leaves more than just a lasting memory. It's a local community fund that supports climate, conservation and biodiversity projects in our region that make an impact.

Join the mission and support Love Queenstown, lend a hand by volunteering, or check out 10 handy Tiaki tips for treading lightly during your Queenstown stay. We need your help to preserve the beauty of this region for future visitors.

Support Love Queenstown

Lend a Hand

10 Tiaki Tips


“Love Queenstown was inspired by the deep love we all have for this region, and the environment that makes it all possible. It's an opportunity for us all to create a brighter future for this place, and the environment we love – together."


Learn How We're Changing Tourism for Good

Feeling inspired? Learn more about Queenstown’s journey to regenerative tourism, the local businesses leading the way and the detailed plan at the links below. 

There’s less than 2,500 days to achieve our carbon zero goal by 2030. And we can't do it without you.

Our Regenerative Journey

Local Businesses Leading the Way

Regenerative Tourism By 2030 Plan


“This is a regenerative tourism strategy that we feel will protect the future for generations to come. And setting it for 2030 creates a real sense of urgency."