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  • Bird’s eye view of Milford Sound
  • Land and cruise Milford Sound on a boat
  • Alpine landing in Fiordland

It’s all about perspective. Sometimes you want to see it all from the top, taking in all the majesty of the terrain below. But sometimes you want to stand at the bottom of it all, looking up and marvelling at the power of it. This trip gives you both. 

Starting in Queenstown, you fly over the Richardson Mountain Range, making a beeline for the West Coast. Together we crest endless alpine peaks, careen down forest-lined valleys, and soar across alpine lakes, with a landing that will take your breath away.

Breaking through the formidable alps, Milford Sound appears in all her perfectly stated glory. You’ll understand why this area is so famous as we glide past the crown jewel  – Mitre Peak. 

We land here, allowing you to swap from a bird’s eye view to the dolphin’s view! Joining one of our Cruise Partners,you’ll glide along the water, feeling small beneath the behemoth cliffs framing the fiord. The cruise will take you up close and personal to the Hanging Gardens, Fairy Falls and Stirling Falls. And if you’re lucky you’ll meet some of the locals – Fur Seals, dolphins and the rare Fiordland Crested Penguin (spring/early summer).

After the cruise you’re back in the chopper for a stunning ride home


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