These are the trails you see in videos and dream of riding. Flowing ridge lines in the alpine, berms and jumps amongst the tussocks & backcountry experience just 15 minutes from town!

Whether you decide to tackle Coronet by pedal power, shuttle bus, or lift access from the NZ Ski base building you are going to find some seriously epic descents!

Download the Queenstown Mountain Bike Club app, join the local club and support the community that has poured decades of effort into these trails, which are free for all to use.

  • Location: Queenstown. Access from Coronet Peak Road.
  • Difficulty: Beginner to expert and pro.
  • Cost: Free, but download the QMTBC app and become a member to show your appreciation!
  • Best time to go: Most trails are open November to May. Closed due to snow & freeze thaw conditions through the colder months.  
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