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Unique group accommodation in Queenstown

With over 150 bars and restaurants and over 200 activities to keep you occupied, Queenstown is a great place to explore with a group of friends or family! What makes it even better is the range of accommodation on offer. Here's a round up of unique group accommodation to get you inspired.
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Queenstown's Best Places to Stay

Whether you’d like to be located smack-bang in the middle of the action in Queenstown’s thriving town centre, or you’d prefer enjoying the slower pace of Arthurs Point and Arrowtown, Queenstown has accommodation to suit all styles and preferences.
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Alice Robinson: Growing up on Coronet Peak

Even Winter Olympian Alice Robinson finds it difficult to put the feeling of skiing into words, she says it's 'kind of like a roller coaster', when you feel like you're 'in control but you're kind of not, that's when it's the most special,' she says in fact that's when it's 'kind of like flying'.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

In today’s socially conscious environment, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming a must-have for organisations seeking to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Here are 3 ways to include a CSR initiative into your business events programme.
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Top 10 Life Changing Experiences

Deciding what to do in Queenstown can be completely overwhelming. How do you choose between a multitude of epic adventure and sightseeing missions all in the one incredible destination? Queenstown is bursting with thrilling experiences to complement all personalities.
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