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Sarah McDonald

Queenstown Convention Bureau Manager

+64 3 441 0700 ext.213

Creating unforgettable, unique experiences, and sharing them with others is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Originally from Dunedin, Queenstown was always a favourite holiday destination and once Queenstown gets under your skin, it’s hard to stay away! Some days you’ll find me exploring a new walking track, while others I’ll be reading by the lake or enjoying a long lunch at new eatery with friends. No two days are the same, and every day in Queenstown can be unforgettable. I look forward to helping you create your dream event so please be in touch.

Jess Langelaan

Queenstown Convention Bureau Account Manager

+64 20 4191 6773

Originally from the Netherlands, I've lived in Queenstown for nearly 5 years now, having spent 2 years in Australia prior. What started out as a year of 'wanderlust', swiftly evolved to falling in love with the lifestyle on this side of the world and wanting to make this place my home. I enjoy warm summer days by the lake and spend my free time outside exploring different walking tracks, taking in the beautiful scenery of this town as well as going for brunch with friends. My passion lies in bringing event visions to life, so please reach out if you're interested in delving into Queenstown's unique offerings.

Yangzi Zhang

Business Development Account Manager, Asia

+64 3 441 0700 ext. 101

I was born in Xi’an, China, an ancient city with over 3000 years of history. Having lived in Shanghai, London, and Beijing, I was fortunate enough to settle in one of the most incredible places I've been — Queenstown. I’m passionate about travelling as I think it is a catalyst for cultural exchange, is eye-opening and fosters lifestyle changes. Having been a backpacker for 10 years, working in the tourism industry feels like a dream come true. I genuinely love travelling and can’t wait to share the beauty of Queenstown with visitors worldwide! During my last 6 years in NZ, I've discovered a love for skiing, tramping, snorkeling and gardening, and most recently developed a new interest in pottery.

Luisa Cardona

Business Development Executive

+64 22 412 6622

Born and raised in the UK to Colombian parents. I arrived in New Zealand on a WHV and planned to stay in Queenstown for 3 months... Well, it has now been over 6 years, and I'm proud to call this beautiful place home. During winter you will find me snowboarding on one of our wonderful ski fields; during summer, I enjoy camping, exploring our walking tracks, going on bike rides with friends or flying off mountains (paragliding). If you would like to find out more about Queenstown, please feel free to get in touch.



“The Bureau provided our organisation with the necessary information to plan a successful conference. Having been briefed on our conceptual ideas the Bureau provided a list of tourism operators, their contacts details and assisted with arranging famils. Additional information on various local restaurants and wineries to meet the requirements of the delegates who operate high-end food and beverage facilities back in the US and deemed not to be missed met with universal approval.”

Des Topp, Executive Officer, Golf Managers Association of NZ, Auckland, New Zealand


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