The Forward Outlook resource indicates the current levels of accommodation occupancy in Queenstown.

This is based on collated information from multiple data sets covering commercial and non-commercial accommodation. Its weighted predominantly on currently booked forward occupancy and predictive forward booking data. The objective of this tool is to provide a view of potential occupancy levels to guide decisions and suggestions for clients to come at a time when Queenstown will deliver an optimal visitor experience.

What do these graphs show

These graphs display the forward outlook demand (occupancy %) (dark blue columns) and the lines represent actual recorded occupancy levels from prior years or projections from the same point in time last year. The forward outlook demand is predominantly based on actual, on-the-books bookings – so the further out you get the more “light” it will look. It's best to look at the overarching trend, and if you can see there are “spikes” it's safe to assume there will be “busier” times. 

How to read this graph

For optimal viewing and navigation of the report click the "open in full-screen mode" button in the bottom right hand of the visualisation (), use the "month" filter to look at specific time periods, and hover over specific bars to see exact data points and potential events that could be contributing to visitation levels. These visualisations are best viewed on a larger format screen like a tablet or computer.



The Forward Outlook will be refreshed at the start of every month. Updates will be shared through our Bureau newsletter communications. For feedback, more information or clarifications about the content below contact the DQ Team

The Forward Outlook gathers data from a range key business event properties including Copthorne Lakeview, Copthorne LakefrontCrowne Plaza Queenstown, Heartland Hotel QueenstownHeritage Queenstown, Hilton Queenstown Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Holiday Inn Queenstown Frankton RoadHoliday Inn Remarkables Park, Kamana Lakehouse, Millennium Queenstown, Oaks Shores Resort, Oaks Club SuitesQT Queenstown, Rydges Lakeland Resort, Scenic Suites Queenstown, The Central Private - Naumi, and The Dairy Private - Naumi.



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