Regenerative Business

Destination Queenstown is supporting Queenstown businesses with our journey to a regenerative future.  Explore the business support resources below to help with adopting sustainable and regenerative tourism practices. 

Regenerative Business - A starting point

What is Greenwashing?

Waste Resources

Carbon Resources




Learn about the impact of carbon on your business and manageable steps towards reducing your environmental footprint. 


Demystifying Carbon

DQ Office, 10:00 - 10:45am

The purpose of this session is to educate businesses on the basics of carbon and other greenhouse gases and provide high-level information on the importance of moving towards a decarbonised visitor economy.





Learn from industry experts about how to reduce waste within your business. Reducing waste conserves resources, cuts costs and also supports corporate social responsibility, circular economy and the Queenstown Lakes District's goal to become a zero waste district.

Single Use Cup Free

Becoming a single-use cup free (SUC-Free) business can significantly reduce your environmental impact by minimising plastic waste, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, and aligning with growing consumer preferences for eco-friendly practices. 

Become a SUC-Free workplace

Why go SUC-Free? Background & Benefits


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