As a thriving business hub with a strong focus on world-class tourism, the environment, and innovation, there are some unique opportunities for those looking to invest in Queenstown.


Startup investment

Mainland Angel Investors (MAI) MAI’s purpose is to facilitate the introduction of potential investors to local founders seeking investment. Members are often angel investors looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in regional businesses with significant growth opportunities.  Many are also focused on elevating regional businesses and want to see the region thrive. Their investment accelerates startup growth and provides an opportunity to ‘give back’ by providing startups with invaluable knowledge, experience and networks.

Investing in established business

Invest New Zealand is a government funded agency that connects local businesses with the capital needed to fund their growth. They act independently and impartially to support potential investors – with extensive private and public-sector experience, unparalleled depth of knowledge in the New Zealand market, and networks across the globe. 

Investor visa

For investors interested in migrating, there is a unique visa option. Invest NZ manage the Active Investor Plus visa Active Investor Plus visa process, giving successful applicants access to events, direct investment opportunities, as well as connections to relevant contacts and organisations.

Property investment

Overseas people without a residence class visa can’t usually buy a house or land in New Zealand – this doesn’t apply to citizens of Australian or Singapore citizens. More details can be found at Land Information New Zealand.



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