New Zealand is currently at COVID-19 Alert Level 2. The New Zealand border is closed for entry to foreign nationals. Anyone already in New Zealand is now able to travel domestically so long as steps are taken to minimise risk.

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A stroll on the lakefront in Queenstown and through the historic buildings around Arrowtown can be made even sweeter with the treats on offer at our dessert shops and candy stores.

Chocolatiers, gelaterias, specialty sweet shops, dessert shops and ice cream parlours in Queenstown will satisfy your sweet tooth when the mood strikes.

Admire the chocolate fountains, and salivate over the wide range of gelato flavours, taste test specialty fudge, or build your own ice cream on a stick before choosing some to take home.

Great for birthday parties, or special treats for well-behaved kids, Queenstown’s dessert shops will leave your mouth watering.