Explore Queenstown’s vibrant local brew scene.

In 2013 Queenstown local, Eliott Menzies started Altitude Brewing. His vision was to create beer that expressed the essence of the region, the purity of our alpine water, and the richness of southern malts.

Today, the craft beer scene in Queenstown is a flourishing community, home to six craft breweries and three craft beer bars, all creating their own characterful brews. 

Queenstown craft beer is as much a unique expression of this place as our wine. Our brewers forage wild botanicals, grow their own hops, and source local ingredients to infuse their brews with the taste of our region. 

Take a craft beer tour of Queenstown breweries to explore our must-taste ales for yourself, experience our unique alpine flavour profiles, meet the brewers, learn about the brewing process and the history of their beers and breweries.