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Queenstown, traditionally known for its picturesque landscapes and spirit of adventure, is on the cusp of becoming a hub for technology innovation as entrepreneurs increasingly choose to make the region their base.

Technology Queenstown is a visionary plan to cultivate a billion-dollar tech industry. By leveraging the unique advantages of this future-focused community, technological ventures will grow to 20% of the region's economy by 2043.


What is Technology in Queenstown?

The initiative to grow Queenstown's tech sector stems from a desire to diversify the local economy beyond tourism, recognising the potential for sustainable, high-value economic growth through technology and innovation. With technology businesses actively seeking skilled designers, engineers, and developers, Queenstown's unique lifestyle and environment serve as a magnet for talent, fostering creativity.

Advance your career in technology in one of the most beautiful places in the world where innovation is encouraged, and startups are supported.


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Why Work in the Queenstown Technology Industry?

  • Queenstown's tech sector is growing, offering professionals a creative and collaborative environment.
  • The ability to work on innovative technological projects that could change the world
  • Queenstown presents a range of career paths, from startups to established tech firms in software development, green technology, and beyond.
  • The region’s natural beauty and outdoor lifestyle options provide an unmatched work-life balance, promoting well-being and productivity.
  • A supportive tech community and initiatives like Startup Queenstown Lakes and Technology Queenstown foster networking, mentorship, and growth.
  • Despite its serene location, Queenstown is well-connected digitally, allowing for global collaboration and remote work opportunities.
  • With ambitious plans to expand the tech industry, professionals can contribute and benefit from the sector's growth.
  • Proximity to innovative projects and cutting-edge research encourages continuous learning and professional development.
  • A commitment to sustainability in the tech sector aligns with personal values for environmentally conscious professionals.


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What is Technology Queenstown?

Technology Queenstown (TQ) is a not-for-profit startup characterised by its lean, agile, and fast-moving approach. It will advocate for and represent the District's Tech Sector, effectively coordinating and implementing its strategic vision. TQ is committed to promoting its member businesses and boosting their visibility and support within the community.

Technology Queenstown's Mission

Technology Queenstown aims to cultivate a thriving niche tech ecosystem, empowering residents to engage in world-class work and earn commensurate wages, all within the comfort of their community. The quantitative mission is to generate NZ$1 billion in annual Tech Sector GDP by 2043 while preserving the District's unique lifestyle and environment.


Technology Queenstown Membership

Technology Queenstown (TQ) offers corporate memberships to support its operations. Your membership plays an important role in constructing a sustainable future for the District, fostering economic prosperity, and improving the quality of life for residents. By joining us, you contribute to an effort to position Queenstown as a worldwide model of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development.

TQ provides a tiered membership structure tailored to different levels of engagement and support, including Foundation Membership, Capital Membership, Supporter Membership, and Local Industry Membership.

Join us in shaping a brighter future. Find out more about TQ Membership options.



Size of the District's tech ecosystem (direct tech industry & indirect tech workers)


People to be working in high-value tech roles by 2043


increase in earnings seen by those in technology roles

Growth Potential of Technology Queenstown's Ecosystem

  • Current Valuation: The District's tech ecosystem is presently valued at $100 million, encompassing both direct tech industry contributions and tech roles across various sectors.
  • GDP Contribution: The direct tech industry currently contributes approximately 1.5% to the local GDP, compared to the national average of 7.5%. There is significant potential for growth.
  • Future Projections: By 2043, the tech ecosystem will expand to between $650 million and $1.3 billion, substantially increasing its GDP impact.
  • Employment Opportunities: The tech workforce could grow from 900 to 3,000 by 2043, tripling the number of high-value tech roles. This includes positions within the tech sector and tech-related roles in retail, tourism, and agriculture.
  • Economic Impact: Tech workers could earn, on average, 33% more annually and generate 45% more revenue per employee than the current benchmarks.
  • R&D Investment Return: Every $1 invested in R&D is expected to generate $3.50 across the broader economy, highlighting the efficiency and impact of investing in technology and innovation within the District.


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